The UNLIMITED Training Package


As the old saying goes, "Practice makes perfect", it takes a young player countless repetitions and relentless drilling to understand and execute the intricacy of any basketball move. It takes time and effort to build one's muscle memory, in order to instinctively perform a action, under the pressure of game-like situations.

We are the only basketball academy in Singapore that offers daily training, at multiple locations all around Singapore.

Trainees under our Unlimited Training Plan have already benefited vastly from the months of training under the wing of our dedicated full-time coaching staff. Some who started off as beginners are now representing their school teams in the current school tournaments, showcasing their talents among the best.

At only $2400 for six continuous months, trainees have full access to ALL GROUP TRAINING SESSIONS held at Shotzone, KBRC, Turf City, TTS and CIS, as well as represent our clubs (Stingers @ TTS, Grizzlies @ CIS & Lions @ Turf City) at the prestigious CBL and other tournaments.

Start grinding today.