Veteran Coach Victor Tan Joins the Family!


Coach Victor Tan is a familiar face to many in the Singapore basketball scene. Known as a strict mentor on court with a no-nonsense attitude, Victor is at the same time down-to-earth and approachable, widely respected by his students and peers for the effort he has put into basketball coaching.

Over his 20 years of coaching, Victor’s teams have won a total of 19 national titles and 40 zone titles. This, by no means is an easy feat, considering how competitive the school basketball scene is, increasingly so in the past few years.

 Here are some highlights from Victor’s coaching career: 

  1. Victor’s teams met in the National Finals against each other on 3 separate occasions: 2013, 2007, and 2006

  2. As a coach, Victor has won all primary school titles, including all four Division Zonal titles in West, North, and South Zones

  3. In 2011, Victor’s teams won 3 National titles out of 4 available with 2 different schools

Put simply, Victor’s list of accolades is one that most coaches could only dream of in the Singapore coaching scene. His first batch of students would already be in their adulthood, possibly even with children of their own!

Amazingly, it is not just Victor’s staggering coaching achievements that are tough to match, but it is more so the intrinsic values that he has imparted to his students that most, if not all of them would have carried into the rest of their lives.

SG Basketball is immensely honoured to welcome Coach Victor Tan to our growing family and we look forward to working closely together with Victor to reach higher and rise as one.