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We had a blast collaborating with Mommy Chuck and training her beautiful son, Jaden. Always looking forward to sharing our passion and knowledge of the game of basketball to the next generation!

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Whether it is introducing your child to the electrifying sport of basketball or providing them with more avenues to advance their sporting aspirationsSingapore Basketball Training Academy is the place to stimulate their passion in this sport.

Jaden (5 years old) had been in training sessions with SG Basketball and he definitely had a blast while at it! He looked forward to every practice and was always excited to go. With zero knowledge in this ball game, he developed a few age-appropriate skills and fundamental techniques under the care of the professional coaches; namely dribbling, passes, playing defense and of course every child’s favourite – shooting. I was laughing aloud when he first took a basketball and tried to dribble like football – with his legs yup! Thanks to the football sessions that his father watches on TV.

Skills aside, I like it when this sport allows my child to acquire essential values such as teamwork, discipline and resilience. Jaden has a competitive nature and is at a phase where he is learning how to lose. And when he loses, he used to either burst out in tears or throws a tantrum. Not quite what we want to see. This is something we’ve been working on at home, we want him to develop a strong character and know that winning is not everything. This isn’t something that can be just taught in the classroom or can be corrected overnight, because you need to be in placed in difficult situations and learn to cope from there. Basketball is a sport that allows him to recognise and deal with his emotions when he loses, because the kids are often placed in competitive game-like situations during training sessions.

At SG Basketball, the coaches create a fun and exciting environment for the kids. They use tools like dummies and speed ladder to engage the little ones. Popular games like “What is the time Mr Wolf?” were used to reinforce some fundamental skills. Jaden has become a better player than before, skills wise and confidence wise. His dribbling needs a little bit more coordination work though, well it’s always work in progress ya. Who knows he may become a future NBA MVP? Heh!

While I was there, I also enjoyed watching the older kids train. Their sessions are definitely more demanding and more intense. That was where I saw the passion in the coaches. They have this ability to quickly observe and break down the player movement & form to the smallest detail, and give them feedback on what they need to correct and improve as they go through the drills. They are also able to combine discipline and fun in a perfect blend for the kids. Their love of the game definitely shows and makes a huge difference to the kids!

I would highly recommend SG Basketball to any kid at any age interested in basketball! 

Anyone, boys and girls, can join SG Basketball Academy! Their youngest starts at 3.5 years old! Who else should join?

•Those just starting out in basketball (Beginner)

•Those who want to develop solid basketball fundamental (Basic)

•Those who have little or no opportunity to train in school (No time, no basketball activity in school, not selected for school team)

•Those who believe they can become better / great / elite and are ready to work hard for it (Advance)

•Those who want to train their game and fitness level after entering the workforce (Adult)

A little bit on SG Basketball Locations & Daily Schedules

(1) Kaki Bukit Recreation Centre

Jaden had some of his night sessions at Kaki Bukit Recreation Centre. There is something I love about this laid back-styled basketball court. Reminds me of street basketball where players come together for a fun casual game! If you’re an Eastie, here is the best to go for training sessions.

Sign up for free trial lesson for KBRC here!


(2) Turf City

The team has recently launch of their brand new facility SG Basketball At Turf City, and are providing basketball classes everyday on:

•Mon to Fri: 5pm to 645pm

•Sat: 8am to 945am

•Sun: 9am to 1045am

Love this location too, because it’s so centralised and you can find all kinds of kids’ activities in Turf City. Oh you can also sign up for a FREE trial lesson at Turf City! Head over to their Facebook page for more updates!

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This blog post is in collaboration with SG Basketball.