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At a fixed rate for a 6-month commitment, trainees have full access to ALL GROUP TRAINING SESSIONS held at Shotzone, KBRC and Turf City, and represent our clubs at the prestigious CBL and other tournaments.

Uncover your fullest potential and join us today at SG Basketball for all-year round non-stop basketball training and fun.

You are your only limit. Start grinding.


SG Basketball @ KBRC
Kaki Bukit Recreation Centre

In the east of Singapore, we have a street basketball court ingeniously built right under a flyover. Sheltered from the elements, this court at Kaki Bukit is also available into the wee hours. At KBRC, ample hourly parking is available, along with a minimart and coffeeshop!

Address: 7 Kaki Bukit Ave 3 S(415814)

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SG Basketball @ Shotzone

In the East of Singapore - Paya Lebar, we have two FIBA half-sized basketball courts and more, that are fully air-conditioned and available even into the wee hours. Ample hourly parking, shower facilities and even get some food or drinks in the Paya Lebar Mall near our courts!

Address: 115 Eunos Avenue 3, #02-02, S(409839)

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SG Basketball @ Turf City
(The Cage Sports Park)

Right at the heart of Singapore- Upper Bukit Timah, we have two FIBA standard-sized basketball courts that are fully sheltered and available even into the wee hours. Enjoy free parking, shower facilities and even get some food or drinks in the Grandstand Mall near our courts!

Address: 220 Turf Club Road S(288001)


Adult Group Training

Tired of the menacing working life?
Want a taste of competitive sports training again?

This program aims to provide a platform for adults to experience formal basketball trainings, make new friends, and stay active!
It's never too late to lace up and join the grind!


At SG Basketball, we've only got one goal. That’s to help you become the best player you can be.

Whether your aim is to make your school team, shoot for a trophy or play for your country, we’re here to partner with you to make that happen. We’re serious about giving you personalised attention and coaching, so you can focus on improving the fundamentals and ingraining them into muscle memory.

We offer you one-on-one training from our team of experts, so you can accelerate your progress on your own schedule.

Whether you would like to book a package of sessions or take an individual session at several venues please contact our hotlines or register and pay through our online store.

Individual session: $90.00/hr
Package of 12 sessions: $900.00 (fully paid)

Signing up for a Coach-Up package, you will be helping SG Basketball collect data for their development plans and programming packages for Shotzone. You must accept to let SG Basketball collect data from your sessions.


If you would like a trial at several venues please contact our hotline 8522 7717.

In the words of NBA MVP Stephen Curry: “I want to practice to the point where it's almost uncomfortable how fast I shoot, so that in the game, things kind of slow down.

Technology Trial

SG Basketball provides an unparalleled development opportunity with a trial session, you will have access to facilities and training equipment to improve your skills to the highest level.

Good, better, best. Never let it rest. Until your good is better and your better is best” Tim Duncan

Player skills development is often overlooked on all levels. It has become all about games, running plays to compensate for lack of skills and going for the win. 

Aiming to make your school or national team, earn more court time, compete for a Division I college scholarship, shoot for the international stage or just find coaches and fellow players who’ll take you to the next level? Whatever your level, and whatever your goals, we’re here to shatter limitations and take you there. The more skilled you are, the more you will be able to confidently contribute and lead your team.

SG Basketball offers a wide spectrum of training programs, from personal to small and large groups, to clubs and teams.

With access to a facility and equipment, that’s the kind of practice, focus and results we unlock for you. Whatever your level, and whatever your aims, we’re here to shatter limitations and take you there faster than ever. 


Work out with SGbeFIT!

Get in shape with our certified personal trainer!
Timings and locations can be arranged to fit your schedule.