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You would have heard about a football academy, a dance studio and even a sports school in Singapore. But, what about an academy solely for basketball? SG Basketball prides itself as a basketball academy in Singapore offering engaging, structured training programmes catered for all age groups.

Established in 2013, the academy has attracted trainees as young as four years old.  

By enrolling their children at such a tender age, parents hope to instil certain lifelong values and encourage them to lead a healthier lifestyle.

The trainees are able to learn important individual and team values like discipline, teamwork and other intangible benefits that come along with playing a team sport.

“Kids in our programme are exposed to intense yet fun training early which helps to develop their love for the sport from young. Our training is progressive in nature so they get to pick up skills step by step”, said Mr Eric Chu, Programme Director of SG Basketball.

“We believe in positive coaching, so there is no ‘screaming at kids’ faces ‘when they can’t execute a skill they have just learnt. In our academy, Mistakes are OK.”

“That’s why the kids are here, to learn and grow as a player and person.”

These days, children are prone to be hooked on their electronic devices, making them interact less and draws them into their own secluded world. 


So parents encourage their children to play a sport with the aim of getting them to socialise.

Basketball enables them to meet fellow trainees from different backgrounds, character and schools.

The structured training programme offered by SG Basketball focuses on each individual.

The trainees are graded according to their skill and mental development and each one is assessed at the end of each semester by the academy’s coaches. 

The coaches make sure the structured lessons are fun, intense and progressive. The coaches are experienced in the sport and some have played in the international arena.

“Our coaches are very good with handling children, and our training programmes range from the beginner to the elite levels. Everyone is precious, so we leave no one behind,” said Mr Chu.

“We try to get everyone as involved as possible regardless of age or skill level.”

The academy imports equipment that are not commonly found in Singapore to stay ahead of the game.

If you are interested in the sport, sign up for the programme and the holiday camps.

This could be the start of something gratifying.